About ARTEA Projects

ARTEA Projects believes in the power of public art. 

Founded by the curatorial team of Ayelet Danielle Aldouby and Elinor MilchanArtea Projects strives to find innovative ways to bring contemporary work to the public realm and engage people across the globe in unique experiences. The exceptional skills and new approaches to curating, combines the team's in-depth knowledge of contemporary art with the experience of promoting and mentoring young and emerging artists. ARTEA's approach is to nurture the relationship with the artists in order to bring their creative vision to reach beyond traditional spaces and limiting approaches. The goal is to have the artists engage in a dynamic exchange between the site and the audience, promoting the use of public space as a place for creative expression that pushes the boundaries of culture into new arenas.

ARTEA Projects directly approaches artists to cultivate ideas which are then developed over a period of months depending on the needs of the individual project. Artists are also invited to share their project ideas for individualized, confidential feedback, advice, and guidance. ARTEA Projects also works closely with more experienced artists to create new and refreshed opportunities to exhibit their work. This unique approach which is a collaborative and integrative endeavor, brings artists, leading galleries, design firms and professionals to develop powerful public platforms for creative ideas and the best suited project for each site.

ARTEA offers a range of services to support the public art process from the earliest planning stages through the installation and promotion of each project.

ARTEA public art service includes:
• Public art strategies and planning
• Public art coordination with municipalities and organizations
• Site specific curating
• Management of the artist and artwork selection process ranging from direct selection to competition
• Management of artwork design development 
• Administration of the fabrication and installation processes
• Public art maintenance and management plans

ARTEA Projects is the path between artists' ideas and a creative environment.

For several years, Elinor Milchan has created public installations, using architecture, existing structures and/or commercial material as frames and supports for her photography and video series. Her public work juxtaposes intimate expressions and public environment, transforming the functionality of a public space into an area of introspection. She colored the screens of Times Square and the ones of the old New York Times Building; and many windows, walls and corridors of New York and Los Angeles.

Critics from The LACMA and Art in Art America have praised the inventiveness of her unique technique, describing it as “liberating the medium”, and opening “up the interstices of light”, reminding “us that the essential of photography is light itself.” *

Milchan’s exhibitions and work have been featured and reviewed in various international art publications, and included in contemporary art auctions, such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Her work is included in many private and public collections, including the Tel Aviv Museum, and has received support for public art collaborations and installations by the likes of corporations such as MTV, JPMorgan/Chase, NewsCorp/20th Century Fox, Leaf, Bezalel, UBS, Credit Suisse, BCRE-US, Africa-Israel, The Times Square Alliance and  the Downtown Alliance Public Art Program.

Elinor Milchan started her career as a creative in advertising at Gray Advertising, Fatal&Collins, and Warner Brothers.
She is the co-founder of Artea Projects and is currently co-curating public art projects for the city of New York, with the Downtown Alliance public art program initiative entitled: Re:Construction. She holds a BA from Boston University, and is currently also teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

Milchan believes in the experience of sharing, the importance of exchanging and the necessity to create the space to live it.


Ayelet Danielle Aldouby brings experience from all facets of the art world and integrates it into any art exhibit or project she curates. Her experience includes working with the president of the Appraisal Association of America, directing a private foundation - the Center for Figurative Painting and holding different positions at Christie’s auction house. In the past decade she has curated numerous exhibitions at art institutions, galleries and museums around the US and at NFP organizations such as Meir Panim, Elem, One Family fund  as well as the Bezalel art school in Jerusalem, Israel. Aldouby has also co-curated several art projects with the International Artists Museum at the Venice Biennales and is currently an art consultant to the Alliance for Downtown New York, exhibiting public art projects on construction sites. 

Aldouby has organized several high profile panels discussing the contemporary art scene with experts from auction houses, galleries, NFP's such as Creative Time, art-schools and high end collectors.

She has been leading the VIP's art tours at the NY Armory Show  for the past several years and has lectured on Israeli art to the Teachers' association of NY as well as other organizations ranging from the JNF to AIFL and in museums across the US. 
She holds a BA from Boston University, an MA in Retail Art and Gallery Administration from FIT and is currently working on PhD. Candidacy proposal in Art Education. 

Aldouby is a great believer in pubic art and its power to better people's life and invigorate public spaces.